More NASA Lies

NASA has to keep putting out fictitious video CGI’s (they now have to admit all photos have been stitched together) since 1958, so the lies keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. We still have ZERO live feed satellite of Earth, Why?

This v. poor vid/doc/CGI from NASA is pathetic.  note the size of the “Moon shadow traversing across Earth”. The moon is said to be 1/4 the size of Earth…does this look like 1/4 the size of Earth?

Also, notice the “hot spot” on Earth where the alleged sunlight is hitting. Why do we never see a “hot spot” on the Moon if it is also a round ball, reflecting the hot, golden rays of sunlight off a dusty, gray, round ball surface (1/4 the size of Earth) into cool, silvery moonlight onto Earth. Hmm.

Why is Moonlight Hotter in the Shade?

Wow! Total Solar Eclipse Seen from 1 Million Miles Away (Video)
Additionally, a Lunar eclipse would mean the Moon is being blocked by the Earth’s shadow. When we observe this phenomenon, we are standing down below on EArth LOOKING UP. how can this be an eclipse when we are observing DOWN HERE, while the Sun and Moon are UP THERE.  They all must be in alignment, yet we are DOWN HERE, and the other two objects, the Sun and Moon, are UP THERE?

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