More NASA Absurdities

Here is the latest “images” from NASA Deep Space Photography.  NASA’s instruments measure infrared light “shifts” to determine size, density, weight, orbit speed, relation to other planets and suns, etc…etc.

Far-Out Focus

This Hubble image shows Abell 2744, a galaxy cluster about four billion light-years away also known as Pandora’s Box. The cluster’s mass acts like a lens to warp passing light—allowing astronomers to peer deep into the universe’s past.

….Never mind this is how far the light must travel to “bounce back” a reading

4 Billion Light years = 23,514,501,492,734,430,923,407 miles away that a light wave signal travels .

That is 23 Sextillion, 514 Quintillion, 501 Quadrillion, 492 Trillion, 734 Billion, 430 Million, 923 Thousand, 403 miles.

All from a tiny radio signal…ignoring space dust, solar flares, microparticulate space debris, thousands of mile long comet trails, etc…

…Wow, these guys are good!

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2 thoughts on “More NASA Absurdities

  1. Vic Button March 14, 2016 at 10:34 pm Reply

    Of course, these radio signals have to also go through Van Allen belt!!!


  2. Michael Lynn April 24, 2016 at 12:36 pm Reply

    These deceitful dreamers have made their vain imaginations reality for the world because it too often desires to know more than it’s willing to understand.


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