Excellent; Gravity is Pure B.S. Rant

remember, gravity:

  1. has only been “proven” with extremely large objects, like the Sun, Moon and Earth
  2. defined as “weight” in its original Latin definition, yet the word “weight” not included in Newton’s Law of Gravity definition
  3. can be broken anytime by jumping up and down or waving arm
  4. can allow astro-nots to space walk at 130 miles in space, yet the Moon, with 1/6th the gravity can move our oceans up and down 2X in one day.

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One thought on “Excellent; Gravity is Pure B.S. Rant

  1. dgaubatz313 March 30, 2016 at 9:11 pm Reply

    I hate when people drop something and say this is gravity when they drop it. That should not be enough to prove gravity.

    I say take a small helium balloon, drop that and say this is gravity. You would look like a fool. I take it farther by saying what is it that makes the helium balloon rise and don’t you think that whatever makes the helium balloon rise is also what makes thing fall?


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