Project Copernicus ~ Gofundme to Antarctica Cancelled after FE Hit Piece article in Daily Sheeple

So many say ,  “well why don’t you go down to Antarctica and see for yourself, so a guy began to raise money to film with drones and high altitude balloons.  I don’t know how much money he had donated to date but just a few hours after another FE hit piece ridiculing FE (we’re winning, we’re winning), Project Copernicus was cancelled. Hmmm, guess they really don’t want the public to know. Why?

(make sure to read last comment about who originally spread the heliocentric theory)


The Copernicus Project / Flat Earth Proof – Kickstarter

Team Plans Scientific Expedition to Antarctica to “Prove” the Earth is Flat

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If you haven’t heard of Flat Earth Theory, that headline may have confused you.

A conspiracy gaining traction around the Internet claims that the earth is really a flat disc and we have all been lied to. The theory is actually a resurgence of old theories widely believed by ancient cultures about the nature of the planet before Pythagoras and Aristotle provided their scientific evidence the earth was actually a globe.

Others say the resurgence of Flat Earth is a conspiracy psyop to make all conspiracy theorists look like crazy tin foil hatters, and thus, discredit the entire alternative media and anyone who critically analyses the Establishment narrative on any front.

Well now a group is officially planning an expedition to Antarctica for a series of scientific tests in a bid to prove their case that our planet is flat. It is known as “The Copernicus Project”. Their mission? “To obtain visual footage to prove Flat Earth.”

While it causes some people’s brains to explode simply to mention Flat Earth, the theory has gained traction in modern times (or at least taken up a lot of people’s time arguing in online chat threads about it) with famous rapper B.o.B. Tweeting about his beliefs that NASA is covering up the truth and saying things like, “I’m going up against the greatest liars in history… you’ve been tremendously deceived.”





Despite what some people call a totally ridiculous, debunked, insane conspiracy theory proven false by centuries of hard scientific evidence… more and more people, disillusioned in a world of psyops and false flags, are hopping on the Flat Earth bandwagon. The Flat Earth Society online since 2004 is, “dedicated to unraveling the true mysteries of the universe and demonstrating that the earth is flat and that Round Earth doctrine is little more than an elaborate hoax.”

The last time this many people believed the Earth was flat was in 17th century China. According to Wikipedia, their beliefs were ultimately altered by the Jesuits: “the idea of a spherical Earth spread in China due to the influence of the Jesuits, who held high positions as astronomers at the imperial court.”


4 thoughts on “Project Copernicus ~ Gofundme to Antarctica Cancelled after FE Hit Piece article in Daily Sheeple

  1. thinking outside the box March 11, 2016 at 2:33 am Reply

    Well, I think he was going the wrong way for answers.
    They will be at the top of the pyramid which isn’t a pyramid at all but a road.
    Check out my comments if you have the strength, first on Why do we call it sunrise and sunset.
    Then another mindblower on the 8sided pyramid just like Giza that is laying down on top of the UN map which also isn’t a pyramid but a road to the North!

    Capstones and Vanishing Points, Peace and Perspective. Don’t steal my work, show it, but credit where credit is due. I Am Beau thinking outside the box…


  2. thinking outside the box March 11, 2016 at 8:40 pm Reply

    Oh yeah, that NASA logo, all the loons say has reptile tongue…
    My perspective you ask?
    It is a stylised red T.
    No I’m not religious, but the ball pushers may be…
    Peace and Perspective, Beau.


  3. […] there was a GoFundMe Campaign to get flat earthers to Antarctica to prove the flat earth, but It Was Canceled After a Negative Article About Flat Earth . Cancelled after a negative article? What? Sounds like true science believers who are dedicated to […]


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