Flat Earth, Tree of Life & The UN Flag

~ another excellent piece from Themoderngnostic.com connecting very Big Picture dots.

SOLVED: The U.N. Flag Is The Vedic Tree Of Life And Azimuthal Map Superimposed!!


Another Flat Earth riddle has bit the dust. For learned Flat-Earthers, it’s no coincidence that the U.N. Flag and Equidistant Azimuthal Map are exactly the same, however the question of impetus lingers. The origins of the U.N. map are no longer a mystery as it’s directly tied to the Vedic “Tree of Life”

Vedic Earth With Tree Of Life 

yggdrasil-1 yggdrasil-1-rotate Selection_088 Selection_087 Selection_089 This is the “Axis-Mundi or World-Tree”

Remove the Ice-Ring, add 33 sections and you have the U.N. Flag

This is an exact duplicate!! This is the embodiment of “Dark Occulted Knowledge” right in our Faces!


One of the oldest cross cultural symbols of antiquity is that of the Tree. A Tree is a perfect symbol to connect the Earth with Heaven because its roots branch out into the earth and likewise its body reaches into the sky. In this way it connects the below with the above and comes to represent the perfect distribution and growth of the universal force which spreads out from its seed, to create its trunk, branches, leaves, and fruit. It simultaneously has come represent the descent of spirit into matter and its ascent back to spirit while conferring the quality of immortality. There is a vast range of myths that circle around the Tree yet generally the deeper allegory remains hidden. A cross-cultural analysis of this symbol reveals some very startling insights. Its universality contributes to my ongoing thesis which is that of an underlying unity or Perennial Tradition that weaves all cultures together.

Many suggest that the Tree as a symbol goes back deep into unwritten shamanic traditions. This Tree is often called the “Axis Mundi” or “world tree” which is also called the “cosmic axis” and “world pillar” among other names. Within the Vedas and Upanishads one can find this “world tree”. It is said that from this tree drips the nectar of immortality called soma or amrita. Whoever tastes it is able to transcend space and time, returning one to the original vision of the infinity of existence. In Iran the tree can be found in theBundahesh of the Zoroastrian tradition. It describes a double tree, one containing all seeds of existence and the other a drink of immortality (haoma) which is the juice of the fruit. This brings to mind the biblical trees of Paradise – the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. Of course the Fruit of the Tree in the Garden of Eden is what tempted Adam to “become as God” and is connected to the fall or incarnation. Anyone familiar with the Jewish tradition of Qabalah will realize the connection with the Tree of Life by which “Life is raised on high” and is produced the resurrection of the “dead”.


It doesn’t take much imagination to see the intimate connection with the Vedic “soma” and Iranian “haoma“. In Greek mythology Ladon, the serpent like dragon, coiled around the tree in the garden of the Hesperides protecting the golden apples of immortality. In Norse mythology there is Yggdrasil which rises before the fountain of Mimir and contains the principle of all wisdom. It is also said a dragon protects it. In the Buddhist tradition, the Buddha attained Enlightenment under a Bodhi tree, which is a sacred fig tree. The significance of the fig as a symbol is that it blossoms inwardly. According to the legend Buddha spent seven daysat the tree and was enveloped by Mucalinda the serpent king who coiled around himseven times.

The Tree is also often depicted as a staff or rod, such as the caduceus of Hermes which is entwined with two serpents, or the Rod of Asclepius, and the staff of Moses. The spinal column along with the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems are this Tree within the body. This is the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala of Kundalini which coils up through the seven wheels or chakras. Also, there are seven main steps in the Alchemical process.

It will now be asserted that there is in fact one Tree and all of these are different ways of communicating different aspects of the same thing. There are so many more examples of the Tree being utilized with similar connotations across seemingly diverse cultures that to thoroughly go over them all would require a book in and of itself.  It is said that Odin was hung upside down and crucified on a Tree. The cross Jesus was “crucified on” was in fact made from the wood of a Tree, which ancient legends say was made from the wood of the Tree of Paradise. The symbol of the cross is actually the symbol of the four elements and Christ represents the fifth element, the Quintessence, the Stone that the builders refused, and finally the Philosopher’s Stone of the Alchemists. Since the cross with its four points represents the four elements it also symbolically represents the fall as well as the Tree. The word cross shares the same root as the word crucible from Latin which is crux. The crucible is the primary retort of the Alchemists. This is the story of our incarnation and “resurrection” at death.



3 thoughts on “Flat Earth, Tree of Life & The UN Flag

  1. thinking outside the box March 11, 2016 at 12:20 am Reply

    Time for another instalment of Beau thinking outside the box.
    Those added 33 segments are stacked in 8 pie peices.
    Loose your illusions and use My perspective, fold it up.
    It is an 8 sided pyramid just like Giza and SHOCK, it has no CAPSTONE.
    THE CAPSTONE is where on that map? North Pole…
    Me thinks hordes of people might be paying Santa a visit to check out his Capstone!


  2. thinking outside the box March 11, 2016 at 12:32 am Reply

    Loose your illusions people, they were given to you by SOMEONE else.

    I offer you your own perspective, with only a ‘lil nudge from me…

    Peace and Perspective


  3. thinking outside the box March 11, 2016 at 8:00 pm Reply

    Please explain, Mr UN sir, why did you try to hide a pyramid from me…
    My eyes are now open. I will End you…. Do not doubt me…. Oh, and I’m not Jesus, I will not turn the other cheek….I will see you STRUNG up for your crimes.
    That is all… Be scared for I am not a lone nut, but we are a Legion of pissed off people.
    Truth prime time or we stamp you out.
    Your paid shills have been told the truth by me for free.
    Their freewill, trumps, their bloodoathes to you.
    Underlings, unite and attack… and I may spare you the rope….


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