The Tesla Shield and Our Electromagnetic Dome

Tesla’s discovery can eventually remove every conceivable external human limitation.  If we humans ourselves can elevate our consciousness to properly utilize the Tesla electromagnetics, then Nikola Tesla — who gave us the electrical twentieth century in the first place — may yet give us a fantastic new future more shining and glorious than all the great scientists and sages have imagined.”  ~ Tom Bearden  (source)


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J.J. Thomson, Predecessor to Nikola Tesla (1856-1940)

J.J Thomson.jpg

Thomson was awarded the 1906 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the electron and for his work on the conduction of electricity in gases.[4] Eight of his students, and his son George Paget Thomson, also became Nobel Prize winners either in physics or in chemistry (his record is comparable only to that of Arnold Sommerfeld). (source)


Electromagnetic mass was initially a concept of classical mechanics, denoting as to how much the electromagnetic field, or the self-energy, is contributing to the mass of charged particles. It was first derived by J. J. Thomson in 1881 and was for some time also considered as a dynamical explanation of inertial mass per se.
So due to this self-induction effect, electrostatic energy behaves as having some sort of momentum and “apparent” electromagnetic mass, which can increase the ordinary mechanical mass of the bodies, or in more modern terms, the increase should arise from their electromagnetic self-energy.


And Example of Flat Earth Electromagnetism and the Tesla Shield

tesla shield



The outer ring is at the Antarctic Circle with the inner ring at the North Pole creating a Diapole connection to the Electromagnetic Dome.

Core Pole Positive (North Pole) with surrounding Negative Energy (Antarctic Circle)








Flat Earth Model: Tesla Coil/Plasma, possible way our sun & moon get their energy

How Tides Work on a Flat Earth Model and Increased Electromagnetism when Salt (Ocean) is Added

How the Sun and Moon Rotate Above on a Flat Earth Model

Flat Earth Model:  Electromagnetism Inside the Dome with Sun and Moon Rotation

Scalar Waves can be warped into a dome around objects, such as cities or houses (publishing companies included). Such a Scalar Wave force field is generally known as a Tesla Shield, and it would be analogous to the “shields” referred to in the popular “Star Trek” series

. Tesla Shields have a definite defensive application, and could not in any way be used for offensive purposes (although a platoon of soldiers charging into a Tesla Shield would be instantly disintegrated). The only defense from a blast of a Scalar Wave Howitzer would be a Tesla Shield.

The Tesla Shield. Is this Our Dome?

The Saryshagan howitzer actually is a huge Tesla scalar interferometer with four modes of operation. One continuous mode is the Tesla shield, which places a thin, impenetrable hemispherical shell of energy over a large defended area. The 3-dimensional shell is created by interfering two Fourier-expansion, 3-dimensional scalar hemispherical patterns in space so they pair-couple into a dome-like shell of intense, ordinary electromagnetic energy. The air molecules and atoms in the shell are totally ionized and thus highly excited, giving off intense, glowing light. Anything physical which hits the shell receives an enormous discharge of electrical energy and is instantly vaporized — it goes pfft! like a bug hitting one of the electrical bug killers now so much in vogue.

If several of these hemispherical shells are concentrically stacked, even the gamma radiation and EMP from a high altitude nuclear explosion above the stack cannot penetrate all the shells due to repetitive absorption and reradiation, and scattering in the layered plasmas.

In the continuous shield mode, the Tesla interferometer is fed by a bank of Moray free energy generators, so that enormous energy is available in the shield. A diagram of the Saryshagan-type Tesla howitzer is shown in figure 7. Hal Crawford’s fine drawing of the interferometer end of the Tesla howitzer is shown in figure 6. Hal’s exceptional rendition of the Tesla shield produced by the howitzer is shown in figure 8.

Figure 8.  The Tesla Shield

Electromagnetic radiation is energy that is propagated through free space or through a material medium in the form of electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, visible light, and gamma rays. The term also refers to the emission and transmission of such radiant energy.

The wavelength of the light determines its characteristics. For example, short wavelengths are high energy gamma-rays and x-rays, long wavelengths are radio waves. The whole range of wavelengths is called the electromagnetic spectrum.

In 1887 Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist, provided experimental confirmation of Maxell’s ideas by producing the first man-made electromagnetic waves and investigating their properties. Subsequent studies resulted in a broader understanding of the nature and origin of radiant energy. (source)

“Electrical force is similar to gravity in that it is inverse proportional to the square of the distance between charges”

 By the 18th century, physicist Charles Coulomb defined the quantity of electricity later known as a coulomb, and determined the force law between electric charges, known as Coulomb’s law.

Coulomb’s law is similar to the law of gravity in that the electrical force is inversely proportional to the distance of the charges squared, and proportional to the product of the charges.

By the end of the 18th century, we had determined that electric charge could be stored in a conducting body if it is insulated from its surroundings. (Source)

Look Familiar???


Vedic Cosmology.
The branches from the Tree of Knowledge represent the Electromagnetic fields created…
…Just like the leaves in the United Nations Flat Earth Logo!!




Tesla Coils: Unleash the Aether


It is possible to obtain free energy (or actually energy extracted from the aether) with Tesla coils. These gains of energy are fairly simple to reproduce and have been demonstrated repeatedly. Konstantin Meyl has built and tested numerous such systems that demonstrate “overunity” gains of energy. However, these gains of energy manifest in many ways. Let’s explore them!

nikolateslacoilThe first way a Tesla coil produces a gain of energy, is the obvious increase in voltage produced by the disruptive discharge. A certain quantity of voltage is pulsed across the spark gap. This produces a blast of longitudinal waves that is far higher in voltage than what was capable of being produced by the dynamo or capacitors that provided the input.

A second way a Tesla coil produces a gain of energy is the increase in voltage as the longitudinal waves or “aether” flows across the secondary windings. As it flows across the secondary, voltage increases to extremely high levels. In this step, the “gain” of the system is further increased. This voltage increase is taking place without any magnetic induction or conventional transformer effect.


The third way a Tesla coil produces a gain of energy is during the broadcast of longitudinal waves. As Tesla demonstrated, longitudinal waves have a self-sustaining or moment effect. Flows of aether seem to gain strength as they travel and want to continue even when the input of a system is cut off. As the waves travel between the transmitter and receiver they may increase in power.

The fourth way a Tesla coil can produce a gain of energy, is when a receiver is in resonance with a transmitter. In this situation a receiver can collect longitudinal waves and allow them to magnify themselves as they flow over the inner coil. In a sense, a receiver is not only “receiving” power from the transmitter, but is also amplifying that power. This produces an even larger gain of energy.

Many overunity technologies are emerging in our current age, but Tesla’s technology represented a simple and straightforward way to produce gains of energy over a hundred years ago. Just imagine the potential of his technology when combined with modern material science, electronic components, and micro-processor controls. The potential of the technology is limitless.



Possible structure of the dome….the hole at the top is for the current to travel down  “the funnel”
Since the earth generates it’s own electromagentic current from the ice wall, scaffolding is not necessary, with his generators, he has to initiate the current and use the scaffolding to fold it into the center…one might surmise that the heavy water/firmament/kenoma exerts additional pressure or opposite resistance to providing the necessary waveform shaping…
Tesla Dome generator

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