FOR THOUSAND OF YEARS before the heliocentric spinning ball-Earth was conceived, Vedic wisdom from the world’s most ancient texts long-purported a geocentric Flat-Earth cosmology in which the immaterial internal worlds of consciousness are given equal consideration, and credited with the creation of the external material world itself.
The Vedic cosmos or universe is an egg (of which there are others) and Earth is basically a flat circular plane with other planes above and below it. The higher planes are heavenly and good and the lower planes are hellish and evil. Fifteen planes exist in all, seven above the Earth and seven below, with Earth in the middle making fifteen, and each is separated by a wide gulf:

EARTH is the physical visible middle plane, the arena or testing ground for all the others. It is here on Earth where we work things out and which determines which of the other planes we go to at death. The above planes are basically subtle or invisible, but the planes below are very visible or dense.