Has Alt. News Gone PC?

see no evil

Yesterday, I called out 30 Atl News websites as to why they will not/do not cover Flat Earth subject matter. The response was silence except for Zen Gardner, who has the balls and class to publish FE topics and wrote back personally.

All 30 websites i sent private emails to have published some of my work previously

And what about all the other very important subject matter that Alt news won’t “go there” as well???

These personal views are meant to provoke discussion as to how far down the rabbit hole much respected Alt News services are willing to cover subjects that most are unaware of and stretch the bounds of known credibility to most.

Yet, the subjects listed, and written/blogged about below largely remained severely under reported and/or ignored all together by such respected Alternative News websites.


Such as:

  1. Flat Earth

  2. Bioengineered Nano Foods; much worse than GMO’s

  3. Nano Bots, Smart Dust, Touchless Torture and Targeted Individuals

  4. U.S.A. A Private, for-profit, Corporation since 1871

  5. Child Pedophilia, Presidents, Popes, Priests and British Royalty

  6. U.S. Presidents All Related by Bloodlines

  7. Jesuits not Jews The True Rulers of Evil

  8. NASA; A Military Operation Began by the Dept. of Defense

  9. Geoengineering the Extinction of Sentient Life on Earth

7 thoughts on “Has Alt. News Gone PC?

  1. Negdog February 17, 2016 at 8:20 pm Reply

    Some people are scared of the truth, especially this one. Admit it people you got duped!!!


  2. Bobby February 17, 2016 at 8:54 pm Reply

    A few have the courage to go where truth leads, a very few.
    How about an assignment?
    Pick a subject from the list above and write something. B


  3. Joszeph February 17, 2016 at 8:57 pm Reply

    Well, they might think you must be joking: “the jews have no hand in it” is kind of silly if not down right counterintuitive. I mean the “jew” combine is “ALL” they are afraid of. Personally, it seems like a blatant end-run around everything that is provable. If someone would have told me the world is not a spinning ball and also said the jew was an innocent persecuted babe, at the same time, I too would have guffawed. Especially with my extensive research on the modern day Sociopathic Pharisaical scourge of our fast decaying civilization. Well, I do not see how you could rephrase the question due to the fact that you are standing in the gap against the most savvy and concerned people in existence. Eric Dubay for instance. But then, that’s just my view. I can see other’s involvement, certainly! Many thousands…if not millions, including the Jesuits. But most especially the goy and the much worse “Twice the Children of Hell!” Gotta keep trying, I guess. Seriously though, once one holds the neophyte down to put the glasses on (They Live) then of course, it is self-evident! Keep looking and trying, jwlpeace, for the most aware are also the most skeptical. Good luck!


    • Enochnbootz February 18, 2016 at 10:10 pm Reply

      I wish people would get off Eric Dubay’s nutsack already. Yes he compiles some good info but also seems more interested in making fun of other FE truth seekers like an eighth grade girl. “Savvy and concerned” comes off more like immature and divisive. I’ve listened to a lot of these other’s interviews and none come off as particularly shilly. In fact they seem to actively be doing more to spread the info by radio and podcasts rather than just rehashing FE facts in youtube videos. I’d say Eric and IFERS antagonistic and judgemental attitudes towards fellow FE researchers are as bad as the alt. medias blind eye towards FE.


      • uniluv2go4 February 20, 2016 at 5:27 am

        Eric had good material. Showed FE. Enough.
        I did this, you did that…
        like 6 year olds. Look only at his work…good work.

        I still don’t know how the North pole is a pole? Is central?

        Jews, certain ones, maybe reptilian? are very wealthy, direct things to get more.


  4. uniluv2go4 February 17, 2016 at 11:52 pm Reply

    These Alternative news may have sponsors, funding. Easy to cut that off, or threaten to.
    Easy to have a near accident or threaten family.
    They control, leave nothing to vhance.
    (they certainly don’t allow evolution except controlled evolution).

    There is solid information that Joan Rivers was murdered.
    And why.
    The footage of what she said about the presidential couple is recorded.
    It was an aside. But reporters asked her questions, she reacted.

    She seemed…fed up, didn’t like the information she gave out.
    Pushed her hand down saying…it doesn’t matter.
    The sense of her tone, demeanor was…it’s too late, nevermind.
    It was not acceptance or tolerance.
    But more an abused victim, whipped. So not who she had been.
    She knew who the couple are, and what they present.
    She was killed and that is very recorded.
    Someone previously working high level security had the tape of
    Michael Jackson last phone call.
    Robin Williams murdered.
    Of course it is easy to set this up.
    Whitney Spears (?), singer? Drug overdose? No. She had quit, and
    showed she wanted to return to her rrligion…that night.

    This is why…real power to murder, hurt, disable, destroy.
    Eric Dubay…set up, defamed.
    These groups always use our flaws weaknesses. We wear them, all
    see them.

    There are ok things they can report but your list is to remain hidden.
    But this info is leaking. Too many ugly projects, chemtrails, etc.
    to keep the lid on.

    Joan Rivers was DEPRESSED, in her voice when she said what she did.
    And I think it was like she was saying…I don’t like what I see and nothing matters
    She’s wrong, and you’re right. But the above is why the groups went PC.


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