Did Science Just Re-Discover the Dome 7200 Miles Up? The Plasmaspheric Hiss Connection



Did M.I.T. Rocket Sciences Just validate A Dome up at 7200 miles in space, masquerading as the Van Allen Belt all these years?

7200 miles is just about back and forth across the United States.  72 is also a very powerful occult number.

I’ve been working on Antarctic Ice Wall research about Operation High Jump in the 1940’s and found evidence of the real immediate rush to get down there to measure the Electro-Magnetic Field…aka Dome???

Then I read this:

screenshot-www ibtimes com 2016-02-14 20-44-41


From the International Business Times, respected worldwide for its reporting.

Invisible Plasma Shield, Which Protects Earth From Radiation, Discovered 7,200 Miles Above Planet

(original article in black ink)
By @KukilBora On 11/27/14 AT 7:27 AM
Scientists have discovered a sharp boundary above the Earth’s surface that blocks the ultrafast electrons from entering Earth’s atmosphere. 

The Earth is protected from fast-moving “killer electrons” by an invisible plasma shield, which is located thousands of miles above the planet’s surface, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Colorado Boulder.

Q: Why Didn’t They Know about this for the past 50 + years?  Didn’t have the equipment?

High above the Earth’s atmosphere, harmful electrons that make up the outer band of the Van Allen radiation belt travel at nearly the speed of light, pelting everything in their path. Exposure to such high-energy radiation can harm satellite electronics and pose serious health risks to astronauts. However, despite their intense energy, these electrons — circling around the planet’s equator — cannot come below 7,200 miles from the Earth’s surface due to the shield, scientists said in a study, published in the journal Nature on Thursday.

Aha, It’s “the Shield” Captain, we’ve finally found it after all these years…. ha ha ha

And then this little gem of an invention of the mind…mind you told in all scientific, verifiable, double blind studied, sworn on my Mother’s grave truthiness:

The invisible shield, dubbed the “plasmaspheric hiss,” is made up of very low-frequency electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Scientific data and calculations have helped researchers deduce that the hiss deflects incoming electrons, causing them to smash into neutral gas atoms in the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and ultimately disappear.

Yes, the Great Plasmaspheric Hiss of a Dome, of a Shield, of a Plasma laden, Spheric containing D-O-M-E!!! Check and Mate.  ….Unless of course the media is lying to us science buffs…nah, they wouldn’t do that to me..

And to top off this Official Narrative to Instant History tells us:

The latest study is based on data collected by NASA’s Van Allen Probes that are orbiting within the harsh environments of the Van Allen radiation belt. During the study, the researchers observed an “exceedingly sharp” barrier against harmful electrons, which was steady enough to withstand a solar wind shock in October 2013. To determine what could create and maintain such a barrier, the researchers considered a few possibilities, including effects from the Earth’s magnetic field and radio signals from human transmitters on Earth.

“It’s like looking at the phenomenon with new eyes, with a new set of instrumentation, which give us the detail to say, ‘Yes, there is this hard, fast boundary,’” Foster said.


Far Plasmagorical Out!  Yea, Team. Flat Earth has been validated once again!  Wahoo! Game over, nothing left but the crowd adulation and science to rewrite 500 years of history while Universities down to elementary public schools will have to retool and reboot alltogether and history relearned as books make a comeback once again and personal knowledge becomes power.

It appears to completely validate a Flat Earth Dome Theory. hmmmm.  Flat Earther’s just keep chalking up proof, in there own words proof, of a geocentric, Man Universe Centered Cosmology that our ancient ancestors all believed in….mind blowing really.

WTF?  Read it for yourself here.

Flat Earther’s are Straight Level Plane True Truth Seekers, first and always.


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walter10 ancient-heavens01 firmament-genesis_cosmology inca_cosmos b52e9-yggdrasil

7 thoughts on “Did Science Just Re-Discover the Dome 7200 Miles Up? The Plasmaspheric Hiss Connection

  1. Bobby February 15, 2016 at 8:50 am Reply

    Great piece.
    I have been an advocate of the quarantine theory for a while. I feel we are certainly in an enclosed place, a construct.
    Michael Tsarion talks about the quarantine included in this post http://in5d.com/earths-quarantine-force-field-discovered-by-nasa/
    I posit once again that there is an ‘out there’ but we can’t access it without help, portals or windows would only be available with advanced technology, or interdimensionally. Hence we have CERN and satanic rituals, which are all aimed at getting out. Beings are getting in, which is why our criminal elite confiscate fallen craft and reverse engineer it, disposing of the beings and witnesses. B


    • jwlpeace February 15, 2016 at 3:59 pm Reply

      Yea, I included M. Tsarions’ piece on the “dome to keep the infestation from spreading throughout the Universe” theory in my first vid on Flat Earth. Great thought concept. Combine that with Mark Passio’s take that the Annunaki hybrided humans and then left us here “home alone” with no OverLord like Enlil and Enki to rule us, and the Universe is watching in great interest to “see what happens”.

      Now combine all this with the fact we are being sprayed from above daily like bugs from Geoengineering, fed such crap they won’t even tell us what is in our foods, and bomb the crap out of one another, like no other species in history, and they’ve got one helluva movie to watch in Real Time.

      “…ah those humans…they just keep f**ing up the same way all over again..and again…and again..”

      my 2 cents worth anyway.


  2. semaj February 15, 2016 at 11:54 am Reply

    Hence it is known as a ‘prison planet’, now where have I seen that before?


  3. Bobby February 15, 2016 at 4:27 pm Reply

    Like the man said, if an alien race landed here for the first time, they would not have money or a bible.
    I follow Dante Santori, who has an exceptional talent for video production, he did one on NASA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG9YukPfnYY
    He also gave us the Alien Races Book… B


  4. Louis Shaw March 28, 2017 at 1:27 pm Reply

    I do believe they have access to more by a portal with alien help.


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