Advanced FE Theory; Movements of Sun and Moon between Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

Stellarium is a free software you can download on-line. It is a heliocentric, globe-based program. However, by setting the location view to essentially be at the center of the South Pole, and using the Stereographic view mode (with all of the stars and planets turned off), I was able to get a view of the sun and moon orbiting the Earth. From that particular view however, the orbit was counter-clockwise, so all I did was flip it to be a clockwise rotation and then I laid it over the Flat Earth model with a screen filter. This was the end result. What amazed me though was how it literally shows the sun speeding up and slowing down, depending on how tight or wide the circuit was. I didn’t do that. Stellarium did. This shows how the time of day remains consistent, whether in January or in June.

One thought on “Advanced FE Theory; Movements of Sun and Moon between Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

  1. That’s one of the best observations ive seen in a few weeks – one of my favorite proofs is related to that very thing that blows up Helios:

    if you pick a spot with your finger on a ball at high noon, never move your finger, but just lift up the ball, and put it on the other side of the “sun” – your finger is now at midnight – and in order to get your finger back to face the sun then you must “gain or lose” Twelve Hours by spinning the ball 180 degrees to face the sun where your finger is……on a spinning ball going around a sun it would be impossible to account for this Twelve Hours of missing time when we are on the other side of the orbit – two times a year………one more reason to toss the spinning ball theory – not my original idea either, saw it in a very erudite video but loved this particular proof….even my young kids get it. (in other words: the definition of a day on a spinning ball would have to be 180 degrees divided by six months in terms of days – or, 180/182.5 as a ratio – or 98.63% spin per day – NOT A PERFECT 360 DEGREES PER DAY – for all you “helios” put that in your pipe and smoke it. can you imagine a world where we have to change our clocks every six months by a margin of twelve hours? “WIKI: The Earth rotates once in about 24 hours with respect to the sun and once every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds with respect to the stars.”

    my calculations that if 12 hours is missing every six months then that is 19.72 minutes per day that our clocks must change so that in six months it’s still “noon” over our head. Because we do not actually in fact observe this – then it’s much more obvious we are not traveling around the sun every 12 months.


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