NEW FE Book; Satellites are a Hoax & The Earth is Flat (Easily Proven)

41bqlpJPCQL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Haven’t read it yet, book looks very interesting and written, apparently, by insiders.  Just the type of information to boost the FE Movement!

“(Do NOT let the NASA trolls with their fake user comments deter you) This link along with Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s “Titan Aerospace” program will sum it all up. You will see the Google plane that takes pics from the sky which others thought was a silly satellite for “Google Earth”. You will also see Facebook’s new program.

Both say “They hope one day to get internet service to everyone” LOL. If satellites existed we wouldn’t need drones or “figure out ways to get internet to everyone” Go here for that proof and to read about both programs. Take a peek at if you want to a nice preview of this book (copy and paste this): Satellite Hoax Ironically proven by the Media, NASA, Google, Facebook. ________________________________ Highly recommend this brand new video: __________ Salisbury and Cohen are Ex-Aerospace Engineers as well as U.S. Intelligence. Combined have written over 30 books.

Salisbury wrote Aerospace Engineering for Dummies as well as Quantum Physics for Dummies. He resides in Nevada as well as Southern California (Yucca Valley) and is a whistleblower. He recently found out that Alex Jones works for Time Warner Cable which means Jones is a controlled opposition and lies about 20 percent of the time. Jones will not expose flat earth or satellites because of his employer TIME WARNER CABLE. Unfortunately who also owns CNN. Y

You may want to type in right about now, Operation Mockingbird. However, we will cover that later. “Time warner cable is part of the “Big 6” that control what the world sees and hears. So beware of Alex Jones, he caught me by surprise as I was once a big fan…He is an actor that lied to us all and was supposed to be on the good side” -Brett Salisbury C.S.N. C-3 NASA just announced that the earth is “Pear Shaped” (Absurd). Also please note: The reviews are starting to come in with people who have not read the book.

The book is NOT based on bible references, but do offer a few at key points. There are current experiments in the book that prove the earth is not spinning AT ALL. Remember, people are offended when you tell them NASA is a joke and that it’s not possible for anything to survive in the thermosphere. They begin to “troll” the works written but never prove anything. Read for yourself and see what conclusion(s) you have about the axis spinning ball globe. It’s truly ludicrous.

Also preview the kindle edition (even if you don’t buy that version) as it will show in color and more detail with links about this book. And remember the dome or tent in Isaiah 40:22? Even science admits there is one now at 7200 miles above the surface of the earth: The follow up book that will prove everything in this book that you need and is brand new: THE BLUEPRINT By Brett Salisbury. It’s free on amazon kindle. However the soft copy will become your bible.”

4 thoughts on “NEW FE Book; Satellites are a Hoax & The Earth is Flat (Easily Proven)

  1. dgaubatz313 February 14, 2016 at 1:26 am Reply

    The Bible in my opinion is just another attempt to mix lies with the truth. I refuse to go back into believing in that book. It’s written by man, not the creator.


    • Manny Clay February 14, 2016 at 3:45 pm Reply

      Who then is the Creator and how did you come to your conclusion?


    • Michael Lynn February 21, 2016 at 12:11 pm Reply

      Friend, if you don’t read the scriptures in the same Spirit from which they came you will only be wise in your own eyes in the spirit that has always opposed them or took them up in that wisdom that the Creator has ever shutup to the wise and prudent in every age, so that in seeing many things they do not see, but he that has his eyes and ears opened by God. If you turned in your mind to that light in your conscience which leads into all good and reveals your thoughts and reproves you in secret when you do what you know is wrong (the things of has shown you), than it will open up the scriptures to you and show you how they were written in the same Spirit and hidden wisdom that the natural earthy minded man can never receive. For the faith of the prophets and apostles came by hearing, and hearing by the word of God that spoke to them, which word they said was not without, but within your own heart: this is the key that opens up the scriptures and will give you the understanding of them and from which they came. Farewell.


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