Rob Skiba’s Rebuttal to Globalists

Globalist Argument #1: On my Facebook page, many have made mention of the fact/belief that all of the other stellar bodies we can observe appear to be spheres. They say, “If everything else we can observe is, this must mean our earth is too.” Does it really? If you were an Asian, born to Asian parents, living in Asia, where all you ever saw were Asians, would that ipso facto have to mean that all humans, everywhere must be Asian-looking too? No. Of course not. This has to be the most lame of the arguments I’ve encountered, yet it comes up over and over again.

Globalist Argument #2: What about this argument: “Well, if the earth is flat, how come ships aren’t going over the edge?” This is one of those knee-jerk arguments. If you actually take the time to look into what the Flat Earthers really believe, you will find that none of them have this view of the earth as depicted in pictures such as the one to the right. That’s an old fairy-tale view of a concept that was held in the ancient world. Such images however do reveal the fact that they did seem to understand the earth was flat. As a result, they imagined there must be a point at that “ends of the earth” they’ve been reading about, where everything just drops off into nothingness. If indeed this was a widely held view, it shows they did not fully understand what the ancient texts were saying. While the texts do talk about “corners” and the “ends of the earth,” they also describe an enclosure, which would prevent such falling off the ends scenarios from happening.

This enclosure includes a 200+ ft. high cliff wall of ice and stone:

The Biblical model looks more along the lines of something like this:

So, we can toss out the argument of anyone falling off the edges of the earth. It’s another uninformed and lame, knee-jerk argument.

Globalist Argument #3: People say, “If the earth is flat, how come people have flown/sailed around the world?” Simple. You can circumnavigate a circle just as easily as a globe:

Globalist Argument #4: “What about time zones? How can you have time zones on a flat earth?” This argument presupposes a couple of things: 1) the earth is essentially a flat piece of paper with continents on it and 2) the sun is just shining straight down on the whole thing. The Flat Earther model refutes this by showing something like the following, depicting the sun and moon in an enclosed system, much smaller and much closer than where we consider them to be in our standard globalist view:

In this model, the sun acts like a “point light” with a limited throw of light, leaving the unexposed areas in the dark. This effectively gives the same results as a rotating earth would in terms of time zones. It also helps to explain the vertical meter stick and shadow experiment. If the much smaller and closer sun is standing over one meter stick, the shadow will be straight down, whereas the one further away will be casting a longer shadow. It’s not rocket science.

Globalist Argument #5: This one is a bit more interesting: Many have said, “But I’ve flown in planes and we’ve seen the curvature of the earth. Thus, we know it is curved!” I have to admit, I’ve said the same thing myself. But did we really see the curve or did we convince ourselves that we did because we were told it is? In an effort to refute some of the things I was posting on Facebook regarding my dismissal of such claims of seeing the curve, a fellow researcher named, Joseph Jordan sent me the following link, which provides some interesting insight into the reality of people allegedly seeing it: This article states:

“Interviews with pilots and high-elevation travelers revealed that few if any could detect curvature below about 50,000 ft. High-altitude physicist and experienced sky observer David Gutierrez [6] reported that as his B-57 ascends, the curvature of the horizon does not become readily sensible until about 50,000 ft and that at 60,000 ft the curvature is obvious. Having talked to many other high fliers (SR-71, U2, etc.), Gutierrez confirms that his sense of the curvature is the same as theirs. Passengers on the Concorde (60,000 ft) routinely marveled at the curvature of the Earth.”

So, according to this article, above 60,000 ft. the curve is supposed to be “obvious.” OK. Now watch this video shot by civilians using a camera that does not have a fish-eye lens:

– See more at:

4 thoughts on “Rob Skiba’s Rebuttal to Globalists

  1. gavin January 23, 2016 at 4:26 am Reply

    When asked to share your free masonic books no reply ? I and many thousands of people understand it’s flat with a geodesic clear dome. What we what to know are we moving ie on a magic roundabout or is the sun and moon attached to a giant pole at the north pole and this is spinning round us. Let the free masonic shills argue about whether or not it’s flat we that know it’s flat let’s debate the intelligent design model..


  2. Victoria Goff November 7, 2016 at 12:08 pm Reply

    Jesus Christ died for sinful mankind, it was a plan created by God from the beginning to redeem the lost. This is embarrassing to see all this foolishness that is being paraded around in the name of Christ. Repent you fools and stop this nonsense.


  3. Matthew Thunder March 10, 2018 at 3:56 am Reply

    Yes Rob, indeed I have eyes to see how One earth is one of the greatest deception of all people, even Church leaders who outright endorse this by arrogantly declaring: “We know we are on a spinning sphere.”
    Despite Tora, words dictated to Moses by Yahweh Himself revealing He has placed His Crowning creation inside a “snowglobe” (IS40:22)
    I am among the least of all Breathren ad disabled by car accident age23, now 55,
    Sabbaths, Holy Days, Diet, treating others better than self all in character development bent towards His Glory.
    Despite all claims to believe Him by His word Yeshua, obviously this a “work-around” to credit supposed Science above His Truth!
    Leaders warned me not to tell any in local congregation of this! Not to make ‘waves”!
    Any suggestions!


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