Touchless Torture. Target Humanity. Very Important

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I will be breaking this new vid/doc down into 9 chapters of 20 min, or so, lenghts.  Please access show notes for further research and information. 

Published on Jan 17, 2016

What does Billions upon Billions spent by our government on brain mapping the human mind, psychotronic touchless torture, targeted individuals, self-replicating nano-bots, nano fibers, Morgellons disease, smart dust, geoengineering, scalar waves, GWEN towers, Dwave Quantum super computers, Black goo, Gray Goo, Goo-gle and Archons have in common?

They are all being used together for a mass mind control agenda using wireless remote brain mapping to be able to override one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions from anywhere in the world, anytime using smart dust released from geoengineering smart dust carrying planes released into the air to enter our bodies with sub atomic particulate matter. This is the ultimate mind control technology where machines are taking control of human minds around the world since at least the mid 1970’s to the point where we are all Phase I affected and many TI’s (targeted individuals) are Phase II where voices are inside your head, body functions are controlled remotely and lives are ruined to the pt. that some TI’s commit suicide to escape the torture.

Ch I Intro Touchless Techno Torture 3:14
Ch II Nano Bot Smart Dust Chips 27:29
Ch III Remote Mind Games 48:25
Ch IV AI 109:31
Ch V The Wine Test 130:13
Ch VI Remote Torture Devices 149:25
Ch VII Black Goo 208:20
Ch VIII The Archons 232:43
Ch IV Final Testament 246.12


US Army Intelligence Officer: Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to Coming Holocaust…

Rachel (Black Goo)…

NASA Future of War 2025…
Data Assylum TI’s

Researcher Links AI, Geoengineering, Smart Dust & Morgellons…

How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain…

Microchips that mimic the brain: Novel microchips imitate the brain’s information processing in real time…

Matrix Deciphered by Dr. Duncan……

One thought on “Touchless Torture. Target Humanity. Very Important

  1. Isaac Quarterman April 30, 2017 at 3:32 am Reply

    Hello, my name is Isaac Quarterman, I’ve been psychically bullied and tortured for the past four years, the main tormentor appears to be some kind of program (automated but not intelligent), also some thing that clamps out my own inner voice (broca), and not the other friendly voices I also started hearing.
    Many possible explanations are out there for the experiences of TI’s myself included. First of all the form of interaction (EM, nonlocal, etc.) should be discovered. Until then, even if you just call me crazy, we can cancel out the sono-electric effects within our brains, and the discredited have a brand new treatment for schizophrenia.
    The equivalence of a sonogram could now be used to “voice-print” entities (or “voice of god” weapons) within the EEG (through sound reconstruction techniques) so the collection of EVIDENCE is now possible!! (,d.amc)

    I believe that some of the symptoms experienced by targeted individuals (TI’s) could be attributed to etheric implants and not directed energy weapons. The reason I believe this is that my “s.p.e.” was occasionally associated with what I termed “filter corruption”, this state creates audio overlays or channels the interpretation of your wernickes area, and can create the illusion that there is a coordinated effort to verbally bully or humiliate you. This is an externalizing version of the false flagging program which can do the same with psychic contacts, resulting in sabotage of psychic abilities and the possibility of accidentally psychically attacking (defending against) non-malevolent psychic contacts. The isolation of this program (the false flagger) should be a top priority for those of us afflicted.
    Although a transmission always seems to at the location where it is received, my experiences seem as though there could a transfer of mental energy patterns, possibly through quantum entanglement or accessing of nonlocal fields. TI’s could see if their experiences change while in a faraday cage that blocks EM.

    I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to network with people regarding this issue, my number is (628)-224-0815


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