21/33 If Space is a Vacuum, How Do Spaceships Navigate?


The heliocentric story goes that all life and planetary objects are held like Velcro to the Earth due to massive gravitational pull from the center of the Earth until one reaches the outer space, defined by science as the Karman line at about 100km.

This is why, we are told, that a plane in the air traveling East to West at 500 mph can keep up with a spinning Earth of 1,000 mph.

This is why, heliocentric science tells us, that the mighty oceans are pasted to Earth (yet Moon’s gravity moves it up and down 2X a day) and not thrown out into space even though the Earth is tilted on its back at 23.5 degrees, meaning the gravitational pull on the backside of the tilt must by that much greater to hold us, and the oceans in place.

This is why, it is said, the clouds, the rain and the winds are held in while we spin so rapidly. Yet we never feel the Earth rotating at 1,000 mph, or the Earth moving around the Sun at 68,000 mph, or our solar system trucking around the Milky Way at science estimated speeds of some 500,000 mph.

In addition, according to the Big Bang, our galaxy has been traveling away from center of the Big Bang the moment we exploded from nothing at the speed of light for some 4.5 billion years.

So if everything is rotating at the same speed earth,ground and air from west to east how can a hurricane travel west off the Atlantic towards the Coast? If we turn at roughly 1000 plus miles per hour in one direction, then any wind travelling in the opposite direction of earths rotation would therefore have to be going 1000 MPH plus its own windspeed in order to successfully push against earths natural airspeed. If airplanes can travel the same speed in either direction give or take 100 MPH for Jet stream then the air above us could not possibly be in motion at the same speed as the earth or planes could never fly west.

This is because, we are told, we live in an atmospheric bubble around the Earth, and like traveling in a car, we never feel the speed outside our bubble, so we are told. Though the centrifugal force of revolving 1,000 mph outward is completely countered by the some 233X more pull of gravitational force, that keeps everything nailed down on Earth and those people stuck to the under-side of the ball-Earth.

Additionally, the centrifugal forces at the Equator would be significantly higher than at the poles due to distance traveled on a round ball-Earth, meaning gravity would have to magically increase in kind. hmm.

Earth’s Complex Atmospheric Layers.


” I would say, however, that what is currently deemed “science” like Einsteins theory of relativity and Newton’s supposed “law of gravity,” are what’s truly dubious. Heliocentrists cannot show us a single object massive enough that by virtue of its mass alone, causes other smaller masses to stick to or orbit it as they claim happens with the Sun, Moon, Earth, Stars and Planets. If you cannot give me a single practical example of “gravity” smaller than the Earth or the Sun, then it is merely heresay, not science! Other than magnets, there are no objects they can point to to prove their supposed “gravity” that’s strong enough to hold people, buildings and the oceans stuck to the underside of a spinning ball-Earth, but weak enough to allow little bugs, birds, and helium balloons to fly away with ease. If there was a magical magnetism that held our feet firm to the underside of a spinning ball, we would feel this magical force every time we lifted our leg, and the force would increase like a magnet the closer our foot was to the ground. ”  Eric Dubay


4 thoughts on “21/33 If Space is a Vacuum, How Do Spaceships Navigate?

  1. Jack January 14, 2016 at 12:16 am Reply

    Explain why the sun remains spherical at sunet if it stays parallel to the earth as it moves and shines straight down like a spotlight. It should appear elliptical as it moves away. Also, if the sky is a dome arching over the earth, the sun should follow this arc in its travels and would appear round as it approached the horizon.


  2. avalininja January 31, 2016 at 12:05 am Reply

    Air travels with the earth, and the motion of the earth (spinning) has been happening for millions of years, so we can’t feel motion. The only way we know we’re moving is relative to the sun and other planets. Also, the way spaceships travel in space is through the ejection of super-heated gasses created through the burning of a fuel in conjunction with an oxidizer, so it can burn. These gases being pushed out provide propulsion. I know because I’ve worked with several during my time at NASA.


    • jwlpeace January 31, 2016 at 3:34 am Reply

      so where does “the vacuum” begin in space and where do we feel the thousand mile per hour spin of Earth?
      How can astro-nots walk in space in the Thermosphere hits degrees of 4,000 + while traveling at 17,000 mph with mass amounts of space debris that somehow never hits anyone, which would kill them instantly?

      Bonus ?” how do we see the Sun and Moon above in a solar eclipse, when we are standing on Earth BELOW the horizon???


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