Daily Question: Are Astronomers Being Silenced?

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What do you think?

Are Scientists starting to get a consciousness and the Elite Globalists want to make sure they keep quiet?

Think about their job description, sitting in chairs, looking at light energies, living a huge lie, with a ton of deeply programmed mis-education inside of them!

Why is so much news being presented by whorporate media about sexual harassment? Why wouldn’t the alleged victims just go to the police, like everyone else? This story keeps playing out though the mass pervert activities out of Penn. Gov’t is a much bigger story?

Porn, Corruption Abound in Legal World of Pennsylvania

These are light energy beings of advanced Life, not solid, land on, walk around land masses stretching out hundreds of trillions of miles as we have been told sold.


Astronomers Are Finally Doing Something About Sexual Harassment

Recent scandals have forced the field to confront a pervasive culture of gender discrimination and abuse.

For its part, the AAS—the professional society for American astronomers and publisher of four astronomical journals—plans to make members acknowledge that they have seen and will obey the new ethics code and understand that “sanctions” will come their way if they don’t. Anyone attending AAS meetings will have to do the same, for the code and the anti-harassment policy. They plan to increase their education and training (although no specifics were given) and maintain a list of resources for both those wondering how not to harass someone and those who feel they are being harassed.


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