“Old” IFERS Has Lost It


Sadly, once again, all IFERS can do is attack and divide with no other agenda relating to progressing Flat Earth information, research, discovery and meaningful dialogue. They are attempting to reconstitute their forum on another host site, after being terminated, and appear to blame me for their own well chronicled demise.  I have no such power or care to intervene with their site…only to seek the Flat Out Truth wherever it may lead.

For the record, I post for the FE cause. I do no advertising and seek no financial gain. My You Tubes (since 6/1/15) and website (2/3/15) have recently passed 1 million views in less than one year and hundreds, if not thousands of others are posting, experimenting, You Tubing, creating forums, et. al to bring flush out Flat Earth truth from B.S.

I believe I was the first to resign from IFERS when I felt they were “losing it’ as to focus on Flat Earth Research which you can read my letter to Mr. Dubay in the ensuing attachment.

Their forum is titled “Flat Earth Research” but little research, experiment, fact, proof or meaningful discussion has come from the site for months. After being warned for racist overtones and inappropriate language a couple months back, they have now become permanently terminated from Proboards now. They have no one to blame but themselves.

For months IFERS has been an an all out attack on Jews, (not the real perps, the Jesuits, mind you), anti-Hitler, homosexuals, (while Mr. Dubay puts out cross dressing videos, WTF?) , banning many from the forum for no reason and berating all who even dare to ask a Flat Earth intro questions, that all of us in the Flat Earth Movement asked upon our initial investigations at one point or another.

Two years ago, no one had heard of Flat Earth Theory that constituted common knowledge for some 5,000 years previous to the last 500 years, and yes, thanx to Mr. Dubay, he jump started the FE Movement with his book last November 2014, while standing on the shoulders of  first and greater Men and Women who challenged the global spinning ball paradigm.

Curiously, Mr. Dubay practices little of the “Spiritual Science” he wrote so eloquently about in his well received and excellent read book, yet one can see the “I-Ego” on clear display as well from his own favorite reviews:

”  Upon finishing my latest book Spiritual Science, my good friend and loyal reader Matt gave me one of my favorite reviews.  He said, “In my opinion it’s the best metaphysical book on the market, better than the Bible.”  Now depending on who you ask, that statement is either a blasphemous impossibility or not even a compliment, but coming from a fellow gnostic yogi I knew he meant it as high praise.  Having put nearly three years of my life into compiling and writing this esoteric encyclopedia of modern spirituality, it is my greatest wish for it to be read by as many people as possible.  I truly believe the knowledge and wisdom condensed and consolidated between it’s bindings can awaken anyone to their inner latent spirituality”: (source)

IFERS consciously  chooses to goes it alone and all other Flat Earth Researchers and Investigators are always attacked, dismissed, ignored and/or ridiculed, never praised or promoted.

All IFERS seem to wish to do is create division and distaste and use venom and vicious ad hominen personal attacks as they spend such copious time and energy on shills and such, instead of focusing on Flat Earth Research and bringing more into the fold so a true Movement can take hold.  

Should they ever become non-monolithic to support others work, we in the Flat Earth Movement welcome that intention.


Please join our new forum at tfess.boards.net where we will focus on the Flat Earth Movement, where true seekers of truth are welcome and all are encouraged to investigate, learn, grow and spread the Flat Out Level Truth to the masses.

The forum site, like it’s sister website, and future podcast, dedicates itself to alerting, awakening and informing the 7 billion sheeple who have been programmed to believe the Earth is a rapidly spinning ball when much empirical and experimental evidence is proving the Earth Flat, Stationary and Universally central to our common Cosmology.

There will be no further responses to any IFERS diatrades or attacks. Onward!


“Paronia Will Destroy Ya


Planetruth Is The Most Pathetic, Deluded Shill Of All

Post by Thinkforyourself on Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:50 am

The last comment that Lizardking posted on the old IFERS forum was a wonderful expose of the puppet Shill and Zionist mouthpiece that is ‘Planetruth’, an ironic name for someone who only speaks lies.

Shill and “Zionist”, uh guys I’m not Jewish and it’s the Jesuits not the Jews, which you refuse to discuss or even post the voluminous proof and evidence who is behind world power today, and for the past 500 years and more.
It is obvious that he reported the comment, so that our forum would be deleted. He has since started his own flat Earth forum on Proboards, and by doing so he has revealed his true colours; I always suspected that he was a Glory Hog, and now he has confirmed it for all to see.

TFESS.boards.net was started four months ago and I sent Mr. Dubay an email informing him of such.  I did not “report” anything to anyone.  IFERS is an information source for me, nothing more, nothing less.  “Glory Hog”????

He shows the depths of his delusion in his latest article, where he claims that IFERS is dead, with the deliciously pathetic touch of having a fake newspaper headline proclaiming as such. What the moron doesn’t realise is that all he has done is shown himself to be yet another Zionist Shill, and at the same time, he has given IFERS even more free promotion.

“realize” not “realise. “deliciously pathetic”,  who writes like this?

He also claimed that Eric’s time is over, and says that the Flat Earth truth movement needs more leaders; what he fails to understand is that Eric singlehandedly revived the Flat Earth truth movement, and if it has a leader, that person can only realistically be Eric, someone who has had millions of book downloads, website views, and millions of Youtube video views.

...And sadly he and his henchmen/women only alienate and attack others seeking Flat Earth. He promotes no one else’s work and spends copious amounts of time, energy and resource focusing on shill attacking and grandized self-promotion, like he is the sole source of Flat Earth knowledge. 

I am sure Marjorie and Charles Johnson, Gerard Hickson, Samuel Rowbothatm, Lady Blount, William Carpenter, Gabriele Henriete, and many, many others, where Mr. Dubay got his information, would be very displeased with his claims of sole discovery of Flat Earth Theory. In fact, this is where Mr. Dubay, and we all, learned the occulted truths.

I was wondering what gift I would be given for Christmas, and I am extremely pleased that what I have been given is the chance to crush Planetruth and his hilarious joke of a forum into the ground. I will be delighted to see what he has to say when IFERS has grown even larger, and when his ‘forum’ is nothing more than a minute shit smear on the putrid foot of a dead bluebottle. This clown isn’t even fit to be a member of ‘Anti-Globe’ (it is better to be a roach than a fly). Laughing

For anyone who wants to make themselves sick, here are his deluded ramblings (prepare to laugh):


All about Shillaphobia Shun the non-believers!’Flat Earth Diva’

Supposed ‘temper temper beanpole’, ‘snidy weasel’ and ‘clueless, cloying, sychophant.’

Apparently ‘dangerous person’

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 Re: Planetruth Is The Most Pathetic, Deluded Shill Of All

Post by lizardking on Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:39 pm

I just viewed that forum for the first and last time, and it is simply a sad, Christ psychotic, Jesuit-absorbed parody of IFERS. You should edit the link out to save him any future embarrassment.

“Christ psychotic”? , “Jesuit-Absorbed parody”?.. Sorry guys, just trying to get the truth out wherever it may lead… No religious agenda….Spiritual not Religious.

What a coincidence that on the same day I leave a comment tearing PlaneBullshit a new arsehole, ProBoards deletes our forum and he uses their server to host his own circle-jerking dog mess.


(Hey LZ Lucy and TFY, you really just 22 & 24 yr.s young?… that explains  a lot?)

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Dubay Letter

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4 thoughts on ““Old” IFERS Has Lost It

  1. uniluv2go4 January 2, 2016 at 8:35 pm Reply

    I tried to join your new forum but the link did not work. Could you check, rrpost?
    Getting in the cross hairs of angry emotionalusm, ego escalating is exhsusting, confusing.
    Here is where the bible helps me. The carnal nature: Eric meant well, but I think he had flaws that the devil used.
    How pleased do we think the world powers are that their lie is being exposed? Easy to destroy Er7c. His needs for greatness were clear to me. BUT we ALL have ‘potholes’ in our psth.
    Everything good is attacked. Paul said it well that it’s NOT PEOPLE . People are pawns.

    Meanwhile I’m delighted TRYING to learn about FE Not being physics savvy, I suffer brain strsin.
    So, thanks for overcoming carefully handling an incendiary sitystion, and I hope the best for Eric.
    Agsin, could you provide a workable link? thank you.😀


  2. Phil Solesky January 2, 2016 at 11:20 pm Reply

    Didn’t the Jews start the Jesuits to begin with?


  3. Flat January 7, 2016 at 3:33 am Reply

    it’s too bad you are so right on about the flat earth but so wrong on the judeo-masonic piece. ignatius loyola was jewish. knight of malta is a degree within freemasonry, a kabbalist religion. promoting the jesuit hypothesis suggests agenteur status, but your flat earth awareness seems on point, so thank you for that,


  4. scorpio69 January 14, 2016 at 2:06 pm Reply

    I never had any problems at ifers. tragic, really, it was the only site I found that addressed all the key issues. Honestly about Judea, the Holohoax, NASA, freemasonry, nukes, the fake moon landing and the dinosaur fraud.


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