Science Validates Flat Earth Theory by Disproving Spinning Round Ball Earth Theory


It may be boldly asked where can the man be found, possessing the extraordinary gifts of Newton, who could suffer himself to be deluded by such a hocus-pocus, if he had not in the first instance willfully deceived himself;

Only those who know the strength of self-deception, and the extent to which it sometimes trenches on dishonesty, are in a condition to explain the conduct of Newton and of Newton’s school. To support his unnatural theory Newton heaps fiction upon fiction, seeking to dazzle where he cannot convince.

In whatever way or manner may have occurred this business, I must still say that I curse this modern history theory of Cosmology, and hope that perchance there may appear, in due time, some young scientists of genius, who will pick u courage enough to upset this universally disseminated delirium of lunatics.  ~ Goethe

Since the 17th century we have been told sold that we live on a round, then elliptical,
now pear shaped Earth, spinning around on its tilted axis at over 1,000 mph while
the Earth orbits the Sun, some 533 million miles each and every year.

This translates to incredible (as in unbelievable) speeds of 68,000 mph, or over 1,000 miles per second. Though we never feel a breath of evidence of movement or spinning, many stars remained “fixed” in the sky overhead while buildings, ocean and Man stay affixed to the rapidly
spinning ball due to an immense velcro force called “gravity” which in the etymology
of words, simply means “weight”.

Here science is put to the test by Brian Mullin who shows how it is impossible,
using basic scientific method, that we live on a round spinning ball Earth proving the ever more likelihood that we live on a flat, plane Earth and have been lied to for 500 years.

Please send this around to all science friends, teachers and professionals for repudiation or validation. Only through proving the fallacy of heliocentric scientific theory can geocentric flat earth theory be validated in our bassakwards ways of proving something right by what is not.


A problem for discussion involving a plane flying relative to a rotating Earth. In the problem were are a “stationary” observer watching the plane fly on a spinning Earth, so this is why the rotation of Earth is relevant. The problem is that the plane ends up with a greater velocity to the east than that of the north-south orientated runway that it is trying to land on. There must be some unknown force that can balance out these differences in velocities for ALL planes that fly east or west during their flights. How do we calculate this force? Where does it come from? The only way to get rid of the need for the force is to stop the Earth from spinning. If we can’t calculate this, the Earth does not spin. We are able to calculate forces and velocities for all situations throughout Physics. There cannot be an exception for this. The problem also looks at the curvature the plane would have to fly over to get from one airport to the other. It appears that the plane would have to constantly “nose down” to follow the curvature

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Balls Out Physics Episode 2: The Gravitational Constant

In this episode we look at how the equation for gravity was developed and the experiment that was allegedly used to determine the Gravitational Constant, big G. It appears that the original experiment is very difficult to reproduce and that is very questionable since it was performed over 200 years ago.

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Balls Out Physics Episode 3: Centripetal Force, Gravity, and the Sun

Continuing from Episode 2, this episode looks at the relationship between Centripetal Force and Gravity, and how the relationship was used to build the solar system model. When the equations are set equal to each other, the mass of the planet or object that is orbiting the Sun is cancelled it out. This is accepted by mainstream Physics, however this seems to defy the very logic that the equation of Gravity is based on since the force depends on both masses. It appears that this was by design to make the Solar System model work.

The Solar System model was designed based on one Earth, orbiting one Sun, in one year. Therefore when the derived orbital radius equation from this model is used with a different period (time to complete orbit), what is calculated is the orbital radius that Earth (or an object with equal mass to Earth) would have for that period. If the mass of the object becomes larger or smaller than that of Earth, then the orbital radius, period, and velocity must all change because the force between the object and the Sun would have to change. Just because the math works out does not mean it is logical. The basic premise of the gravity equation is destroyed by cancelling the mass.

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9 thoughts on “Science Validates Flat Earth Theory by Disproving Spinning Round Ball Earth Theory

  1. .. December 22, 2015 at 4:26 pm Reply

    he’s making big mistakes in the video, when he crosses out those two m’s from the four sided equation, he doesn’t divide the first and last side of the equation and then complains about it not adding up..

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  2. stargazer711 September 1, 2016 at 9:51 am Reply

    In the first video, he proves he has NO idea how a plane flies and maneuvers. It does NOT turn by slowing down, as he states! From that point, none of his following calculations are valid since they are based on an initial incorrect assumption. As we say in the computer biz, GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Since his input is garbage, everything that follows is also garbage. As I often say, the belief in the flat earth “theory” requires one to posses profound ignorance, this video is just another example of that. He has totally failed to disprove the spherical earth.


  3. stargazer711 September 1, 2016 at 10:26 am Reply

    His second video did not really demonstrate anything we don’t already know, and for sure did nothing to disprove Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, it appeared to just raise some questions about how the value of G is determined. I would point out that we have this pretty well nailed, as we use Newtonian mechanics to guide spacecraft over distances of billions of miles and get within around a thousand miles or even less of our aim point.


  4. stargazer711 September 1, 2016 at 10:41 am Reply

    There are a few errors in the initial discussion preceding the first video:

    1. The generally accepted value for the speed of the earth as it orbits the sun is about 66,000 miles per hour, not 68,000 as stated. Not a huge error, but there IS a huge error converting that speed into miles per second. Not sure how he came up with his “1,000 miles per second” number, but the actual value is something like 18.5 miles per second. Very big error!

    2. He then states that we never feel a breath of speed or spinning, as if we SHOULD “feel” something. Sorry, we cannot feel speed, only acceleration! When you are taking off in an aircraft, as you are accelerating down the runway, you are indeed pressed back in your seat by the acceleration (that old Newtonian F=Ma thing again). Once you are at cruising altitude and a constant speed you feel nothing and may walk about the cabin normally, even though you traveling over 500 miles per hour. FE wackos frequently use the fact that they can’t feel the earth’s motion as evidence that the motion does not exist. More evidence for their profound ignorance of physics!


    • Manny Clay September 2, 2016 at 8:49 am Reply

      Stargazer, If I understand correctly, Kepler’s 2nd law states that a body in orbit around another in an elliptical fashion must sweep through equal areas in the same time. How would this not involve acceleration and deceleration?


      • Harmony September 2, 2016 at 5:27 pm
      • Luke G August 24, 2017 at 12:28 am

        You don’t feel acceleration/deceleration due to gravity, because all people places and things are accelerating/decelerating at the same rate.
        It helps if you think of gravity in the Einsteinian sense of curved space-time, rather than as a force that is applied to something.


  5. Mushet February 27, 2017 at 5:50 pm Reply

    This is nonsense and ridiculous. Gravity is proven to exist. The fact that you can walk around at all on the Earth is evidence for gravity. When a mass becomes large enough it will curve around to its center of gravity.

    This is why planets and the earth are round, as well as stars. I recently spoke with a flat earther who claims stars do not exist. MASS SPECTROPOSCOPY proves the stars and sun are made of giant super heated balls of gas plasma under incredible gravitational force holding them together as they fuse nuclear particles into other particles.


  6. Charlie McTruth May 14, 2021 at 7:14 pm Reply

    Doesn’t anyone wonder why all these videos have been removed by youtube and all the accounts closed ?
    What are they afraid of ?


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