Flat Earth Agent Provocateurs (Liars and Deceivers)

One way to spot the impostors is with their well funded, slick, CGI presentations as well as making their own person the subject of all the wisdom they are imparting instead of just presenting questions, facts and challenging all to think and observe for themselves.

The growing list of flat-Earth bullshitters, so far….


5 million hits, 90% positive. this video is absurd and makes no sense to anyone with common sense. If it is flat, there is no UPHILL. if it is round, then the Oceans must rise and fall hundreds of feet, because of Earth’s curvature.


Flat Earth Society debunked by Flat Earth truther Eric Dubay at Atlantean Conspiracy

The Flat Earth Society is a controlled opposition group that mixes truth with lies and satire to discredit genuine flat Earth research, a job they have been doing for a long time now.  Founded in 1970 by Leo Ferrari, a suspected Freemason and philosophy professor at St. Thomas’ University, Leo spent his life making a mockery of the legitimate subject of our flat Earth.  Though he passed away in 2010, his Flat Earth Society still exists today online as a website/forum which, still true to form, purports several false flat-Earth arguments and treats the entire subject as a dead-pan joke.

In 1956 a genuine truth-seeker and flat-Earth researcher, Samuel Shenton, had started the IFERS (International Flat Earth Research Society) and was making quite an impact with his publications and interviews, revealing the truth of our flat Earth to the masses.  The globalists attempted to ignore the threat posed by Shenton for over a decade before finally creating their competing, farcical controlled opposition FES (Flat Earth Society) which has spent the past 45 years steering all flat-Earth inquiry into the realms of satire and sarcasm. 

To give an idea of how the controlled opposition works, consider the example of Leo Ferrari’s pumpkin-sized rock he would always take during interviews and lectures claiming he brought the stone back from the edge of our flat Earth!  He would say, with a huge smirk on his face, how his boat had fallen over the edge but he was luckily saved by hanging onto this rock.  Clearly, treating our flat Earth in this tongue-in-cheek way discouraged people from taking the matter seriously.


Mark Sargant has come out of nowhere and released a series of videos on the Flat Earth conspiracy but provides very few facts or common sense reasoning. Only fluff, rabbits out of hats, and a lot of comments about himself.  Another controlled opposition. They simply do not want this 500 year lie to get out.  Here is a sample of his non-factual debunk of a Spheroid Heliocentric Agnostic 500 yr. old theory.

Mark Sargant, just another tool for the powers that be that do not wish the truth to come out


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