#1 Does the Earth Rotate?

1) Modern Science and Astronomy tells us:

  • We are traveling some 24,000 miles around at the Equator each day in a 24 hour period. This means we are spinning at 1,000 mph every moment of every day at the beltline of Planet Earth.  (24,000 mi/24 hrs = 1,000 mph)

  • We are some 93 million miles from the Sun and additionally traveling some 583 million miles around the Sun in 365 days, or a return to ones birthday. This equates to some 68,000 mph or 1,000 miles per second (190,000,000/365/60/60)

  • We are additionally told that our solar system travels around our entire Milky Way Galaxy over a 25,940 year time period, or also know as Plato’s Great Year. This means our entire solar system, led by the Sun is also moving at over 500,000 mph.
  • We are also told that our galaxy rotates around four other neighboring galaxies.

Wow, that’s a lot of motion and spin going on.

Yet we never, ever feel any motion.

Scientific explanation;  that the mass of the Earth is too big to feel any of this motion.


2) When we travel in an airplane we can go East to West or North to South or West to East or South to North and except for jet streams, weather and trade winds, we arrive at our destinations at relatively the same time.

  • The distance from San Francisco to Hawaii (East to West) is nearly equidistant as the air miles and time traveling from San Francisco to New York (West to East). The travel times by airplane are within one-half hour of each other.

How is this possible on an Earth that is rotating from the West to the East at 1,000 mph?

If I am traveling from SFO to Hawaii on a commercial jet traveling at 500 mph, I should travel the 3,000 miles to Hawaii in just 1 1/2 hours instead of the 5 1/4 hours it takes since the Earth is spinning towards the plane some 1,000 miles every hour.

If I am traveling West to East from SFO to NYC, in the direction the Earth is spinning at 1,000 mph, and my plane is only traveling at only 500 mph, I should never be able to make it to NYC. Instead it takes  a little over 5 hours, same as SFO to Hawaii.

If I am traveling from Buenos Aries, Argentina along nearly the same longitudinal plane as NYC, from South to North, and the flight takes 8 hours, the plane would have to aim towards Near Asia to meet the Earth spinning West to East at 1,000 mph. But it doesn’t.

When Felix Baumgartner made history in 2012 and jumped from 24 miles up reaching speeds of over 800 mph and free fell for over 4 minutes.

Yet he never had to adjust for an Earth that would of moved some 66.66 miles from where he actually landed while in free fall.



Scientific explanation: We are all inside a atmospheric “cocoon” , held in by Newton’s Laws of Gravity and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, much like people inside a plane all travel at the same speed, even though outside the plane is moving at 500 mph.

So this would mean that at some point in our atmosphere we are in a bubble, or embryo where all those inside the “bubbble” move at the same speed whether it be a plane, person or planet.

Yet when dropping a kite rises in wind. A feather floats gently to the ground. A book falls with force generated and brick falls faster than all.

And there is no place science describes where this Earth bubble ends in our atmosphere and the 1,000 mph per minute plus 1,000 miles per second plus 500,000 mph are ever felt.



Now note how the same altitude there are two completely different Earth horizons, taken from the exact same location and distance and time.

One curved, provided by the Smithstonian Institute

One Flat Earth……taken by same camera with no Photoshopping???

Curved Earth

Flat Earth

Science likely explanation.  Different camera lenses used.

FLAT Earth! Taken from International Space Station. Or was it a guy in a studio with a picture window?

Thought for the Month:


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